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Picture this. You wake up in the morning and enter your classroom running a bit behind. However, you’re morning work is already in a binder next to your desk ready to use for the entire year. Even better than that? Once you’ve used it, your vocabulary instruction has been set up for the day!

Luckily, I have created a time saver that not only has my morning work covered, but my vocabulary instruction also. This morning work activity has been a life saver in my classroom!

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Vocabulary Building with Morning Work

Is this magic, you ask? Well, no. But morning work activities with a vocabulary component have proven essential in my daily routine. Not only are these vocabulary-building morning work  activities a great supplement to any curriculum, but when it is done during morning work time, you are more likely to have students engaged!

Language Development

In the vocabulary morning work activities I use daily, students are exposed to 180 different vocabulary words for grades 4-6. The sheets alternate between two formats so students can enjoy one format each time. Their language development progress will show quickly because they use the words in different mediums. For example, students are asked to write sentences and draw pictures.

How do you think you could use this in your elementary classroom?

Using this morning work in your elementary or middle-grade classroom can be as easy as you want! I use this both digitally and in paper format. I have found the students to engage well with both types, and sometimes I differentiate for students who strictly prefer one or the other. Here is a digital example below.




How to Integrate Vocabulary Throughout the Day

Here are some ways I continue to use these words throughout the day:

1). Have students use the word in a sentence and give a ticket for each time they do this. End the day with a raffle!

2). See if anyone can find the vocabulary words in the text throughout the day.

3). Ask students to create sentences/pictures using the vocabulary word for homework or an extra assignment using their morning work activity words.

4). Post the vocabulary words visually throughout the classroom!

Review for Vocabulary Morning Work Activities


Grab your zero-prep vocabulary morning set by clicking here.

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