Interesting Nonfiction Topics Kids love to learn about

Interesting Nonfiction Topics Kids Love to Learn About

When it comes to keeping students interested in nonfiction, sometimes it can be difficult. This is why I have found some interesting nonfiction topics that I know kids love to learn about. They are tried and true in my classroom and are the perfect way to cover a variety of subjects. It also allows for a great way to teach finding text evidence and teaching text features.

Endangered Sea Turtles

Any endangered animal or ocean animal will do, children just love learning about animals in general. Yet, I find myself loving to read about sea turtles because we are able to cover ocean life and endangered animals in one! Click here for a product about endangered animals to try with your students!

Sea turtles article

Creepy Insects

What student doesn’t love learning about a creepy insect or two? The diving bell spider is one of my favorites to teach! It’s interesting, a little creepy, and lots of good information to pull for text evidence and make connections with! Click here to check out diving bell spiders as well as other interesting animals.

Natural Disasters

They’re scary, but they are also super interesting. My students really enjoy learning about tsunamis, sandstorms, hurricanes, and blizzards. That is why I created these fun articles when thinking about interesting nonfiction topics. Try these natural disaster articles to get started!

Nonfiction Articles Extreme Weather

Food Facts!

Who doesn’t love learning about food? Especially chocolate! I love teaching children the process of making chocolate.  I learned so many things while researching that I didn’t know about this sweet treat! Looking to incorporate vocabulary? Try this lesson!

Vocabulary in Context Facts About Chocolate

Vocabulary in Context-Facts about Chocolate


All of these topics are great to keep students interested. I  also enjoy teaching about space and planets, Colonial America, healthy foods, and more!

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Happy Teaching!

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