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Classroom Jobs for Upper Elementary Students

I am ALL about delegating tasks. In fact, it is what keeps me sane teaching fifth grade. (Most of the time). We can’t do it all. Even though, as teachers, it is expected that we wear a million hats, there just simply isn’t enough time in the day. This is why I always delegate tasks to my students. It saves me time, helps me get more accomplished, teaches the children responsibility, AND they LOVE to do them. They are constantly asking me to give them more classroom jobs. I just have to now figure out a way to get them to grade my papers and attend professional developments for me. Just kidding. (Kind of).

Which Jobs Should You Try?

Here’s a quick list of some daily and weekly classroom jobs for upper elementary. I am sure these can be used in primary grades also. I taught first grade also for many years and used many of these jobs (modified a bit) with them as well!

*Lunch count/Writing next day’s lunch on board/Organizing lunch sticks

*Passing out papers

*Collecting and checking off homework (Yes I have a student do this)

*Keeping materials organized (pencils, papers, writer’s workshop materials, etc)

*Organizing classroom books- Check out these book labels I use to help keep them organized!

*Filing papers, stapling, making packets, etc.

*Resetting our behavior chart

*Organizing writing notebooks

*Technology helper (Checking Chromebook plugs, opening cart in the morning, etc)


*Librarian-Different from classroom book organizer- This person checks books in and out to go home and reminds me if books are missing or when library stock is low!

These are my main jobs however I often find so many more throughout the year that I can tack on specific to my group of students! Hope you find these jobs helpful for the upcoming school year!

Happy Teaching!

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