Using monthly themed poetry for fluency practice

Using Monthly Themed Poetry for Fluency Practice

There are so many different ways to engage students in fluency practice. One of these strategies can be repeated readings of a text. While this is certainly a proven strategy, I often find students can become bored with certain texts, especially ones that they can’t identify with. That is why I love practicing fluency using monthly themed poetry.

Why use monthly themed poetry for fluency practice?

Monthly themed poetry can be any compilation of poems for each month of the year. You could select any of your favorite poems to put together into a book as I have done below. Using the book with students helps them to keep their poems together for consistent practice. They love grabbing their practice books even during independent reading time.

Monthly Poetry Book

Monthly poetry book example

How is poetry best used for fluency practice?

The poems that I use each have five poems for each month of the year. There is even a place for the students to name their favorite two lines and add a picture and a fun follow-up activity. For each month, I practice the fluency poems daily during whole group or small group instruction. We are technically doing “repeated readings,” but the theme and rhyme keep students engaged. I often hear them “singing them” at different points throughout the month!

Backyard bbq example poem

Example poem for fluency practice

How is rhyme beneficial?

Using poetry and rhyme is extremely beneficial for students learning to read, practicing reading, and even vocabulary development for English Language Learners. Multiple exposures to text, especially text students enjoy, contribute directly to reading success.

Example of poem for fluency practice.

Music of May example poem

Monthly Themed Rhyming Poetry 

I created my monthly themed rhyming poetry specifically for fluency practice and for various uses in our classroom. If you are looking for a specific month of the year, or a bundle to customize a poetry book of your own check out this resource below!

Monthly themed poetry for fluency practice resource

Monthly themed poetry resource for fluency practice.


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