five free nonfiction articles

Teaching with Nonfiction Articles

Teaching with Nonfiction Articles

Using nonfiction articles in my teaching has been extremely important for student motivation. They are a great way to improve both reading comprehension and fluency. When I find students are becoming bored with the content, I love to introduce a nonfiction article to get them interested. More often than not, quick articles with interesting facts tend to lead to thoughtful and interesting conversations. I have also found that my English Language Learners choose nonfiction over other genres. I’ve often linked this to the fact that it is relatable and they can feel comfortable participating in academic conversations with us!

Two nonfiction article samples

Two free nonfiction article samples


Nonfiction Article Topics

Undoubtedly, there are many different nonfiction topics to choose from. However, I tend to gravitate towards common topics that interest students. My favorites are; interesting animals, extreme weather, and the human body. Although interesting animals always make their way to the top of that list! The article below is about saving the sea turtles and what we can do to help protect sea turtles in their natural habitats! Recently, I was able to use this article as part of our weekly story on saving endangered animals. It was the perfect addition!

Saving the Sea Turtles Free Article

Saving the Sea Turtles nonfiction article

Free Nonfiction Articles

I put together this set of FREE nonfiction articles for you to try with your students. I have created and shared over a dozen of these with my students, and these are definitely a fan favorite. They are tried, true, and student approved! Teaching with nonfiction articles is a great way to introduce a variety of topics. They can be tied to current events, or supplement any curriculum. In this free packet you will receive the following titles:

Saving the Sea Turtles

Our Amazing Eyes


The Diving Bell Spider (Water Spider) and


…..and a bonus graphic organizer!

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Happy Teaching!

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