How Can I Help My Child Academically at Home During COVID-19 Crisis?

This is a scary and unpredictable time for all of us-period. Parents are now faced with something they have never planned for; having to teach their children at home unexpectedly. Most parents right now are feeling unprepared, overwhelmed and anxious. Being a teacher and a parent, I too am feeling that anxiousness. However, since I have experience with organizing student work and multitasking,  I’m going to share some practical tips for learning at home that I hope will help you during this scary and unpredictable time!

Don’t Second Guess Your Abilities

Just because you haven’t gone to school for education does not mean you cannot do this. You are perfectly capable of helping your child at home. No one is expecting you to be perfect. No one is expecting you to do everything the “right way.” Just doing your best and being there is enough right now!

Set a Daily Schedule

This is probably the most important thing. I am going to attach a sample schedule below. This schedule is going to allow for time for you to sit back, drink a coffee, and not feel like you need to be planning Pinterest crafts every 30 seconds. Let them have time where they are having free, unstructured play. That is PERFECTLY acceptable. Tweak this schedule however you see fit! Any type of schedule you are following is better than none at all. Children crave structure. Being away from school is going to make them feel anxious (even if they say otherwise) so having some type of schedule will bring back some of that normalcy for them.

Set Aside a Learning Space

Find a space in your house where you can add your crayons, folders, notebooks, pencils and comfy seating. Make this the space you will go to each day with your child to have them complete their work. Knowing they have a classroom type space will make them more productive. It DOES NOT have to be cute or fancy.

Put together Work Folders

Little work folders are great. Write on a piece of paper what they should be completing that day. (If your child’s teacher sent home distant learning packets have them complete a few pages a day). Put on one side what they need to complete and have them move it over when they are done. Check them off and give them a little sticker or piece of candy 🙂

YouTube and Google are Your Friends

YouTube and Google actually have great explanations and videos on how to teach specific topics. Don’t be afraid  to use these resources and show them to your children! If you aren’t sure how to teach a specific topic, see if a teacher on YouTube is teaching it.

Utilize Teacher Resources That Are Being Sent

Your child’s teacher has most likely been instructed to provide distance learning plans for your child. This may include packets, google classroom assignments, etc. Be sure you are utilizing whatever it is they are sending home. Understand that this is new for your child’s teacher as well. We have never been asked to do something like this, so be patient with how it is all being delivered.

Ask Questions

It’s ok to ask people questions. You will not be the only one doing this. Email your child’s teacher if you are overwhelmed or confused. We will do our very best to guide you! YOU can do this. Teachers everywhere are thanking you for your help!

Let’s pull together in this crazy, stressful, time!


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