3 February Activities that Incorporate Poetry

I have to say that aside from the cold here up north, I really love the month of February. There are so many ways to celebrate in the classroom. Between Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day, we are super busy learning, exploring, and creating all month!

One thing I love to do is incorporate poetry into many of my lessons.  Whether it’s teaching about content, discussing holiday themes, or making cards and crafts, I always try to figure out a way to sneak some poetry in there. So for the month of February, I am going to share some ideas for using poetry in the classroom. These activities can also be found in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and I will provide links for you to check them out under each heading, as well as a freebie!

Monthly Poetry

One thing I love doing with my classes is to read poetry at the start of each month that encompasses why that month is unique and special. Doing this with poetry, not only makes it more fun, but is also great for fluency practice. It is especially helpful to use for centers throughout the month as either a fluency or poetry center. In my February Poetry set, there is an accompanying writing prompt, as well as a word search so students can have a follow up activity using pertinent February vocabulary words. I often have students color code the rhymes as well depending on which skill we are working on that week!

(This poem is part of my February poetry pack that you can find here)

(You can find my Abraham Lincoln poetry product for FREE here)

Valentine’s Day Cards With an Original Poem

Sometimes it is difficult for students to come up with something to write. Especially on Valentine’s Day when they are trying to share something special with someone they care about but might feel embarrassed or at a loss for words. It’s a great idea to have a poem ready for them to use to give them a little assistance. This is why I often provide them with a poem with my holiday card with several options. They can use my pre-written card, or come up with one on their own. I have them do a typical card, or a large full page card with clipart. I provide blank spaces, or spaces for them to color a picture. Providing them with options makes the experience so much more fun!

(You can find this Valentine’s Day Card Set here)

Teaching February Content Using Poetry

If you haven’t read my blog post about teaching content with poetry I will link if for you here. It really goes into detail about why I love to teach content in this unique way. To simplify that post, it really helps students engage better and remember what they have learned. In the month of February, I have two poetry sets that I LOVE using to teach content. One is for President’s Day. The above Abraham Lincoln freebie is part of that set. You can find the full set here. Students read poems about various U.S. Presidents. There are also several follow up activities for each poem! 

The same is true for teaching about Black History Month. My Underground Railroad Poetry set is a great way to explore this concept in a different way. It is packed with rhyme, visuals, vocabulary, and follow up activities. It is definitely my February go-to resource. Students are highly engaged the whole time! You can find that set by clicking here.

 I hope these help make your February exciting, creative, and engaging! Enjoy 🙂

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